Military Talent I Here to Help I Register at

We are sharing below a post by post for general information and benefit of Indian Military veterans.

Military Talent I Here to Help I Register at

Dear Veterans,

We are excited to announce that we have launched our platform, to further enhance the collaboration between the veteran and corporate communities.

We are sure that veterans will find this platform useful, intuitive, simple and feature rich tool that will help the communities to connect, share and exchange views for corporate career opportunities. To allow recruiters from top companies to view your profile, register at

This fully automated platform is a result of strong research and in-depth understanding of the challenges veterans face while looking out for a corporate job.This is a first platform in India, which will help veterans of Indian Army, Navy, Air-Force, Para-Military Forces and retired IPS officers for career opportunities.

We would like to thank all veterans and ex. officers of Military, Para-Military an Police Services, who volunteered for research and primary interviews; to help us understand the pain points. A special thanks to our tech and business teams for enabling this.

We would encourage you to visit, register at ;and share this post so that it reaches out to every veteran, who is looking for a second career.

This platform is dedicated to service of those, who served the nation for long.

Team M2C

“Doing Good”

Veterans committed to help the nation and the Indian defence community through engagement, sharing and social networking.

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