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A veteran is a trained, honest, multi skilled, motivated and honest human resource. The employment of the veterans can bring about greater synergy and discipline in the organisations employing them. We aim to promote the employability of the veterans, search jobs and make them available to the veterans so that he can be gainfully employed in the growth of the country.

Some of the jobs which are best suited for the veterans are:-

HR Manager/ Facility /Administration Manager: The managerial positions in the corporate sector seem tailor made for ex servicemen. Their leadership qualities, experience of managing military troops can be safely applied to these jobs after retirement. Team leading in this case comes naturally to retired Army personnel. Additionally an ex serviceman brings an element of respect to the table which even a trained HR manager may not be able to do at times. However, there are always contentions to this view. Some are of opinion that ex servicemen should not go for corporate jobs as Army and IT are different ballgames altogether, wherein the veteran may find it increasingly difficult to cope with fresh training sessions (which they possibly have to undergo) or to imbibe the nitty-gritty of a strictly commercial ambience.

Security Supervisors or Security Officers: As an ex-serviceman you can also land up with full time jobs of security supervisors for obvious reasons. Good communication, ability to co ordinate security training, management of security activities, providing guidance to security guards in emergencies etc are some of the basic skills required for these jobs. Some of the institutions are very particular about hiring ex servicemen or people with similar profiles for these positions.

Government Jobs: There exists reservations of ex servicemen in government jobs. The percentage of reservation varies with the number of veterans living in the states. Additionally Central Government has reservations (10% in Group C and 20% in Group D) for ex servicemen in civil posts.

Residential Medical Doctors: Ex servicemen are particularly preferred by institutions which want their members to be under constant medical scrutiny in a bid to ensure an overall healthy ambience. These jobs will require you to conduct thorough medical tests of individuals during admission, providing necessary treatment and counseling to members from time to time among other things.

Part time jobs: There are a number of part time and work from home jobs available for retired people, housewives or even students. While as a veteran you definitely would like to be involved with something more challenging than simple data entry jobs, you can try for a number of part time writing or development jobs available if you have the required knack.

Clerical Jobs: Those who have been involved with clerical jobs in the Army can apply for the same positions in different institutions after retirement.

Trade Specific Jobs: Those with acquired skills like driving, cooking, automobile repair, welding etc may find jobs suited as per their skills since a large demand exists for them.

Other Jobs: Not withstanding the type of jobs listed above there is a vast arena outside where an ESM may excel like business development, marketing, production, sales, project management etc to name a few.

The veterans looking for jobs and organisations looking for employing the the Indian Ex-servicemen/ veterans can use the links below to search or post jobs.

We can be contacted at in case of any query/assistance/suggestions.Also we would request the fraternity to kindly post the information of jobs which they may come across using this medium for the benefit of others.

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