UHQ Enrolment



1. Enrolment under UHQ Quota has been introduced as a welfare measure for enrolment of wards of servicemen, ex-servicemen and war widows to enable them to get their wards enrolled into the Army, with minimum competition.

2. Allotment of UHQ Quota vacs facilitate the enrolment of following cats:-

(a) Sons of servicemen and ex-servicemen/battle cas and war widows incl legally adopted son(s).

(b) Sons-in-law of war widows having no son (one son-in-law) incl husband(s) of legally adopted daughter(s) or real brother of serviceman/ex-serviceman/battle cas.

(c) Sportsmen of merit.

3. Priority for Enrolment. Relatives of servicemen/ex-servicemen are prioritised for enrolment under UHQ Quota as under :-

(a) Priority 1 (Own Regt/Corps)(Battle Casualty/Liberalised Family Pension).

(i) One Son of War Widow in receipt of Liberalised Family Pension to include legally adopted son.

(ii) Real brother of Battle Casualty who marries the widow of the Battle Casualty. In this regard, refer this HQ letter No 62569/Inst/Rtg 5(OR) (A) dt 20 Apr 2007 vide which it has been intimated that in case any candidate below 21 years married to the widow of the deceased, S of C be forwarded to this HQ through the Line Directorate for waiver of the QR by the Competent Authority.

(iii) One Son-in-law of Battle casualty having no son to include husband of legally adopted daughter.

(iv) One Real brother of unmarried Battle Casualty.

(b) Priority 2(Own Regt / Corps) (Disability Pensioners / Special Family Pensioners).

(i) In respect of Servicemen who die in harness, one son/one legally adopted son or one Real brother (if the Servicemen is unmarried) where the Widow/NOK is in receipt of Special Family Pension.

(ii) One Son/one legally adopted son of Ex-Servicemen or one Real brother (if the Ex Servicemen is unmarried) in receipt of Disability Pension more than 20% and the disability is attributed to/aggravated by Military Service.

(c) Priority 3 (Own Regt/Corps) (Serving/Ex-Servicemen).

(i) One son of Servicemen who die in harness to include legally adopted son whose death is not attributed to Military Service.

(ii) One Son of Serving/Ex-Servicemen to include legally adopted son.

(iii) One Brother of Servicemen/Ex-Servicemen if the Servicemen/Ex-Servicemen is unmarried.(In such cases individual forefeit his right for his own Son/legally adopted Son).

(d) Priority 4 (Other Regt/Corps).

(i) One Son of War Widow to include legally adopted son.

(ii) Real brother of Battle Casualty who marries the widow. In this regard, refer this HQ letter No 62569/Inst/Rtg 5(OR) (A) dt 20 Apr 2007 vide which it has been intimated that in case of any candidate below 21 years married to the widow of the deceased brother, S of C be forwarded to this HQ for waiver of the QR by the competent authority.

(iii) One Son-in-law of War Widow having no son to include husband of legally adopted daughter.

(iv) One Real brother of unmarried Battle.

(e) Priority 5 (Other Regt/Corps).

(i) As per Priorities 2 and 3 given in Paras 6 and 7 above for own Regt/Corps to be implemented in respect of other Regt/Corps in the same order/precedence.

* Adoption done during the lifetime of soldier will be valid for the purpose of award of bonus marks/concessions and enrolment through Unit HQ Enrolment Quota.

4. Priority for Enrolment (Tradesmen).

(a) Priority 1. Sons (incl legally adopted son) of War Widow/Widow/ Servicemen/Ex-Servicemen applying in the trades of their father.

(b) Priority 2. Sons (incl legally adopted son) of War Widow/ Widow/ Servicemen / Ex-Servicemen of other trades than that applied for.

(c) Priority 3. Brothers of Servicemen/Ex-Servicemen.

(d) Priority 4. Candidates belonging to traditional castes known to be performing the job relating to the trade.

(e) Priority 5. Remainder.

Note : Priorities 1 to 3 are only applicable for recruitment of Tradesmen by the Trg Centres. Whereas, Priorities 1 to 5 are applicable for recruitment by Tradesmen by HQ Rtg Zone and ARO under their jurisdiction.

Auth : IHQ of MoD(Army) letter No 62506/Rtg 5 (OR) (A) dt 18 Feb 09.

5. The QR for enrolment into the Army is as under :-

Ser NoEntryEducationAge
(a)Sol GDMetric (Min 32% marks in each subject and min 45% marks in aggregate. Candidate yrs having higher qualification (10+2) or more need not have 45% mks in metric)17 Yrs and 6 months to 21 yrs.
For Sikh Mazhabi & Ramdasia(M&R) candidates.
Passed 10th cl without stipulated percentage of marks.
(b)Sol SHGD10th simple pass17 Yrs and 6 months to 21 Yrs
Sol Tradesman
(c)Sol Tdn (Steward, Chefs,W/Man Barber & Musician)10th simple pass17 Yrs and 6 months to 23 Yrs
(d)Sol Tdn ((Carpenter (U),Painter (U),Tailor (U),Eqpt Repairer(ER),10th simple pass/ITI17 Yrs and 6 months to 23 Yrs
(e)Safaiwala & Masalchi8th pass17 Yrs and 6 months to 23 Yrs

Note :-

(a) Reduction of upper age limit for enrolment in tdn cat from 16-25 yrs to 16-23 yrs has been approved by Army HQ (AG’s Branch) vide their letter No 62573/Rtg 5(OR)(A) dt 27 Jan 04 and came into effect from 01 Apr 2004.

(b) Revision of lower age limit from 16 Yrs to 17 Yrs and 6 months came into effect from 01 Aug 2004 vide Army HQ letter No 62537/Rtg (OR)(A) dt 05 Jul 2004.

*Note :-

(a) Variation in date of birth of civ edn cert of the candidates and FS docu of the father/brother, more than one year will cease to apply. (Auth:- Army HQ letter No 62554/Rtg 5 (OR) (A) dt 29 Aug 2006).

(b) Candidates married below 21 years of age are not eligible for enrolment into Army (Auth: Army HQ letter No 62569/Rtg 5 (OR) (A) dt 07 Feb 2007).

6. The physical measurement stds reqd for various regions for enrolment in various cats are as given below. Minimum physical stds would not be accepted as a matter of course. Efforts should be made to recruit persons with physical stds higher than the stipulated minimum.


Sol GD & Tdn

Ht CmChest CmWt Kg
Western Himalayan

J&K, HP, Punjab Hills (Area South and West of the Inter State Border between Himachal Pradesh and Punjab and North and East of Road Mukerian, Hoshiarpur Garh Shankar, Ropar and Chandigarh) Garhwal and Kumaon.







Eastern Himalayan

Sikkim, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Assam, Meghalaya and Hill region of West Bengal (Gangtok, Darjeeling and Kalimpong Districts).







Western Plains

Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Western UP (Meerut and Agra Div).







Central Plains

Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dadar Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu.







Eastern Plains

Eastern UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa.








Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa and Pondichery.







Special Physical Standards


Gorkhas both Nepalese and Indian

Tribal of recognised tribal areas













Note :-

(a) Sol Tdn min physical std of the regions given above minus 1 cm chest and 2 kgs in wt.

(b) The revised physical standard i.e height is applicable wef 01 Aug 2004 vide Army HQ letter No 62518/Phy Std/Rtg 5(OR) (A) dt 17 Jun 2004.

7. The details of various physical fitness stds reqd for enrolment in the Army are given below :-

Ser NoParticulars of the TestsMin pass MarksMax MarksTiming/Nos
(a)One Mile Run (Time is in mins and secs)5/40 5/41 6/06 to to to 5/40 5/50 6/05 6/20



60 48 36 24
(b)Pull Ups
















9` Ft Ditch

No marks are awarded. A candidate has to either pass or fail.


Balance Beam


8. Relaxation in Physical Stds. Relaxation in existing physical stds have been permitted to some cat as under :-

Ser NoCandidatesHt (Cm)Chest (Cm)Wt (Kg)Remarks
(a)Sons of servicemen, Ex servicemen, War Widows and widow of Ex-servicemen





Adopted son/son-in-law of war widow, if she has no son.





Outstanding sportsmen (National & State level and those who have represented District/College/School in State/ University/Board Championship and earned 1st/2nd posn)





* 20% bonus marks to outstanding sportsmen who has proven caliber at state level to given on overall marks obtained by the candidates. (Auth: Army HQs (Rtg 5 (OR) (A) letter No 62529/Rtg 5(OR) (A) dt 30 Dec 2005).

9. Relevant documents of Priority candidates sponsored by units may be fwd to 7 (RR & D) Bty of this Centre one month in advance for pre verification and return.

10. Pattern of Common Entrance Exam. For enrolment into Army one should have passed all tests, ie, physical, medical and written test, before being enrolled into Army. The composition of written exam is given below :-

(a) No of Papers and Marks.

Ser NoCatDurationNo of PapersTotal MarksPass Marks


Sol Tdn

1 hr





Sol GD

1 hr




(b) Composition of Question Papers

Ser NoCatComposition


Sol GDPart I question paper in three secs of 10th std in Math, Gen Science and Gen Knowledge for 100 mks.


Sol GD dispensation/Sol Tdn (Steward,Chef, Musician Carpenter, Painter, Tailor, W/Man, Barber & ER) 10th classPart-I question paper in sections of 10th std in Math, Gen Science and GK for 100 mks.


Sol Tdn (Safaiwala & Masalchi) 8th classPart-I question paper of 8th std for 100 mks

11. Instant Enrolment of Wards of Battle Casualties. As per the existing policy one son(incl legally adopted son), or one son-in-law incl husband of legally adopted daughters if no, son of servicemen who dies in war or war like situation during peace time like CI Ops or while providing aid to civil authority, will be given instant enrolment without putting him through formal tests under UHQ quota provided the son/son-in-law meets the minimum laid down educational, age, physical and medical criteria. In case the ward of the battle cas is under age, he will be enrolled as and when he attains the age required for enrolment.

12. Enrolment of Sportsmen Under UHQ quota. Sportsmen are also enrolled under UHQ quota under the following cats :-

(a) Outstanding sportsmen dispensation category, wherein National / State level sportsmen and those who have represented District / College/ University/School Boards Championship and earned 1st/2nd position are permitted relaxation of 2 cms in height, 3 cms in chest and 5 Kgs in weight.

(b) Direct enrolment of Meritorious Sportsmen in the rank of Hav, to the extent of 2 percent of the vacs accruing in the rank of Hav, provided the indl confirms to laid down criteria for Sol GD.

13. The system of application and issue of call up letters have been discontinued wef 01 Apr 98. Therefore no application is required to be forwarded to this Centre for recruitment. The candidates should directly report to City Gate of Artillery Centre, Nasik Road Camp alongwith the following documents for recruitment on the above dates :-

(a) Original education certificate and mark sheet. In case of non metric, education (certificate should be countersigned by District Education Officer.)

(b) NCC certificate A/B/C (If held).

(c) Domicile certificate issued by Tehsildar/SDM/DM/BDO/SDO duly affixed round stamp.

(d) Caste certificate issued by Tehsildar/SDM/BDO/DM/SDO/Village Sarpanch duly affixed round stamp and joint/family photographs with father/mother/son according to relationship certificate produced for recruitment.

(e) Character certificate from Headmaster/Principal of School/ Sarpanch. Date of issue to be within six months.

(f) Ten copies of single passport size photographs duly attested to be produced as under :-

(i) Son/Brother of serving Soldier – Commanding Officer of unit.

(ii) Son of Ex-servicemen/ Widows/ – Secretary of District Sailors. Soldier and Airman Board/ CO, Last unit of the Ex-Servicemen.

(iii) General candidates – Class I gazetted officer.

(g) In case of son of the ex-servicemen/servicemen/son of war widows, the following additional documents are required :-

(i) Five copies of joint photographs with his father, if son of serving person/ex-servicemen, with his mother if son of a widow of ex-servicemen/ war widow and with his brother, if brother of serving person duly attested by the Commanding Officer of the unit/Zila Sainik Adhikari/District Soldier Board respectively.

(ii) Pay Book if son/brother of servicemen and discharge book if son/brother of an ex-servicemen.

(iii) Relationship certificate if son/brother of servicemen/ex- servicemen issued by Records concerned only.

(iv) One son/brother of soldiers died in War/War like situation ie Counter Insurgency Operations etc gets instant enrolment. These individuals are required to produce certificate/Part II Order from Records and death certificate of the soldier.

Note :- The accommodation and messing will be under own arrangement of the candidates.

14. Results. The results are intimated through list displayed at 7 (RR&D) Bty and through a self addressed registered letter deposited by the candidate with the Presiding Offr at the time of CEE. All selected candidates are issued call-up letter by the Presiding Offr Bd `A’ / OC 7 (RR & D) Bty.

15. Before despatching the candidates to this centre for enrolment, it is suggested that the candidates get their pre-medical examination done with regard to flat foot, vision, other minor ailments, cleaning of wax from ear etc at their own.

16. In case of any clarification 7 (RR&D) Bty of this Centre may pl be contacted on STD Code No : 0253 Telephone No/Exchange No 2415404-6210.

17. Common Shortcomings. The common short comings noticed during UHQ enrolment is as under :-

(a) Reporting with incomplete/incorrect documents. Date of birth tampered with in original education certificate/mark sheet.

(b) Name of candidate does not tally with his education certificate.

(c) Name of father does not tally with candidates education certificate.

(d) Domicile/caste certificates are not signed by the DM/SDM/BDO/Tehsildar and office seal (round stamp) not affixed.

(e) Character certificates more than six months old.

(f) Relationship certificate is not signed by Records Office concerned.

(g) Relationship certificate of sons/brother of serving pers/ Ex- Servicemen/widows not signed by the concerned Records Office.

(h) Pay books of serving persons and discharge book of ex-servicemen are not produced.

(j) Submission of a large number of fake certificates/documents by non authourise persons/agencies.

(k) Age criteria and eligibility conditions for enrolment are not checked and ineligible (over age) candidates are dispatched by the regiments.

(l) Fake rubber stamps of various organization / authority are being used in preparing candidates document.

(m) Affidavits are produced by candidates in place of certificate.

(n) Variation in date of birth between civil education certificate of the candidate and relationship certificate issued by Records office concerned for more than one year.

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