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This section covers the areas of interests and help to fauzis. A Fauzi is brought up in an environment that is secular, protective, rough but adaptable, full of valor and comradeship and a place where the pride of Unit/Regiment and the nation is of paramount importance. He is though an expert in his field but not enough worldly wise. The world of a Fauzi is different from the other civil persons in the society. He gives best of years to the nation/society but once he leaves the organisation, he is invariably at loss having been cut off from the secure unit environment. During the course of his service he worked hard to make his country secure and invariably never had time to educate himself or learning. Working from morning wee hours till late into night for a meagre compensation for the hours spent on night duty/patrols/operations/military training at times at risk to his life his requirements are but small. He joins the Forces in his teens and retires young, and has familly obligations. He is ill prepared to work outside the confines of the military environment.

A number of initiatives have been taken by the government, social organisations and corporate houses to help the veterans, but their awareness is low. We wish to promote these opportunities for the general benefit of the defence community. We would be covering this under the page Benefits and Concessions.

Also there are quite a number of veterans who are in a position to help out other veterans. We would be featuring these in our Volunteer Veterans page.

We would be featuring blog, jobs, details about various organisations and their initiatives etc also under this page. We will add new pages as we evolve with the active support of our community.

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