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What is the website - Fauziveterans.com about?

FAUZIVETERANS.COM is a non-governmental and non-profit social networking website for the Indian Defence Veterans.

What features does it offer?

The website offers following features:-


  • An exclusive website by the veterans for the veterans.
  • Supports Veterans and organisations working for the Defence Community Welfare.
  • Veteran Job Support
  • Social Networking and Private Chat options
  • Blog to share military thought provoking articles
  • A dedicated Forum to discuss and do brain storming on issues affecting our community or the nation
  • Marketing Support to Veterans
  • Features authentic, rich quality content to include military news, interesting and helpful articles/documents
  • Secured data

Who can register?

All Indian Defence Services personnel (Retired and Serving) or their NOK

I am not an Indian Defence personnel or Next of Kin of a Defence person. Can I be a member ?

You may request for special membership in case you are wanting to help the Indian Defence Veterans in their rehabilitation or their welfare/causes.

Special membership is also provided to Organisations/ Individuals involved in the Recruitment and Skill Development training of Indian Military Veterans/Ex-Servicemen.

For details please send your request to support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

How do I register?

You must send registration request using the Contact form on Home page.

If you are part of the Indian Defence fraternity/Veteran and would like to join us, please provide your rank and name, service number, preferred user name and email with a brief profile about yourself. You can send this to support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

If you are not part of the Indian Defence fraternity/Veteran and would like to join us please send your request stating your name/ business name, purpose and a brief profile to support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

Our Support Team will review and respond within 24 to 72 hours to your request.

How do I log in?

To login please open any page and look for the Log in text on the page.

Job Support Questions

What kind of Job support is provided at the website?

The website displays Jobs suiting the profile of Indian Defence Veterans. These jobs are posted by the recruiters, by job search engines and the Support Team.

These Jobs are either posted on the Job Board or displayed in the Job/ Admin category posts. You can access Job Board from Menu on top. To access Job Posts please go to the Recent Posts/ category (Admin/ Job).

You may search jobs on the website by using the Search options. To search a job write the Job Designation say, ‘Security Manager’ and the place say, ‘Delhi’ in the Search box and press Search button. The Jobs will be found listed in the Search Results.

You may also use the Job Engine (Indeed, Career, Juju etc) Search Option in the side bar.

You may apply to them by following the links to the Job Portal/ Recruiting Organisation.

Are there any charges for applying to the Jobs on the website?

We do not charge or support charging of any money by any recruiting organisation.

In case, someone asks for money for getting you placed he may be fooling you and you pay him at your risk.

There are no relevent jobs suiting my profile. How do I get jobs suiting my profile?

If you are not able to find jobs suiting your profile, please write to the Support Team by using either Contact Form or mailing your request to support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

How do I make my resume on the website?

You can make your resume by accessing the Resume Builder in the Top menu.

You can also get it made for you by contacting the professional help in this regard.

Are there any charges for the Resume Builder Service?

The website does not charge anything for the services.

The Resume Builder Service is provided free through a third party and they may charge for premium professional services.

How do I post Jobs online?

The Recruiting Organisations/ Individuals may post jobs online by accessing the Job submission page from Top menu. However, you need to be a member to do this. There are no charges for the service.

Incase, you are not a registered member, you may mail the Job details to Support Team at support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

Marketing Support Questions

What marketing support can be provided through the website?

We provide marketing support to veterans or persons marketing their products to Defence persons.

We can advertise, market and sell their products online through the website.

For details, contact us using the Contact Form or mail us your query at support@manyog.com and manyog@outlook.com.

What products can be marketed through the website?

You can market all legal products which is manufactured or meant for Indian Defence Veterans/Defence Fraternity.

Are their any charges for marketing the products through the website?

The product transactions are operated through the Company Accounts of Manyog Consultants Private Limited. Due to transaction charges levied by banks, Company Service Charges and applicable taxes the website will deduct such charges from the User before making the payment.

Are there any charges for advertisement online by the Users marketing their products through the website?

The charges are nil for normal advertisement of the products by Defence fraternity members.

For premium advertisement support, the charges are applicable.

General Questions

How can I extend my support to Indian Military Veterans ?

You can extend your support to Indian Military Veterans/ Defence Community by joining the Veteran Support Group on the website. You may also send your support proposal for consideration and implementation to us by mailing us.

You may offer your services for consideration by using the Contact Form. You may also mail to us at support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

How do I contribute articles for posting online on the website?

We encourage writing by our fraternity members and posting online. The members may submit suitable content for publication. The members must ensure that the content being submitted is not obscene and vulgar, does not contain any profanities or abusive language, against the national interest of India and against any community.

Before publishing on the website our Support Team would review and edit it for possible grammatical and spelling errors. We do not encourage or support any content which is against any community or the national interest of India.

How do I create or join a Group ?

You can create or join a group on the website if you are a member.

If you are unable to do so, please contact us using Contact Form. Alternatively, you may post the request to Support Team for creation of the Group by mailing at support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

Can I initiate a discussion in the Forum ?

Each group has a Forum to take on discussion pertaining to the subject. If, you are a member of the website and the Group, you can initiate or take part in a discussion.

If you are unable to do so, please contact us using Contact Form. Alternatively, you may post the request to Support Team for creation of the Group by mailing at support@manyog.com or manyog@outlook.com.

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