The Question Of Being A ‘Cultural Hindu’

The author Jeyamohan, in continuation of his earlier master piece article has presented another thought provoking article on the topic – The Question of Being a ‘Cultural Hindu’. A very apt and pertinent question which is omnipresent in the educated young Indian generation specially the English Medium/ Convent School educated of today. Tamil writer Jeyamohan’s mail exchange with ...[Read More]

Understanding India’s Rescue Efforts In Nepal

Understanding India’s Rescue Efforts In Nepal By Lt Gen (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain India’s prompt action to assist the earthquake-ravaged Nepal is being viewed in a highly positive light. What has made the difference is the presence of a dynamic government at the Centre, which has been in the thick of action as India’s rescue efforts continue. It is pleasing to see how the Central Government and i ...[Read More]