Indian Patriotic Songs

Watch the Indian Patriotic Songs Collection by Urvi Shah Top Patriotic songs of all times Here is a list of Patriotic songs of all times. 1 Ay Watan Manoj Kumar Classic, ‘Shaheed’ a film on legendary Indian Freedom Fighter Bhagat Singh. Beautiful song and the lyrics are amazing. 2 Aye mere watan ke logo Sung by the great Lata Mangeshkar, this is a song dedicated to all the brave and co ...[Read More]

Learning and Learner

Learning and Learner A student must learn the basic foundations of Carnatic music slowly. Only then will the person understand their importance and be best prepared to pursue larger musical goals. Disclaimer: This is based on understanding from my gurus, manaseeka (who I learnt from by listening to them) gurus and my own experience as a performer/teacher. The methodology of learning Carnatic mus ...[Read More]

Dil Tadap Tadap | Lara’s Theme (Live)

Dil Tadap Tadap | Lara’s Theme (Live) Shared courtesy Brig (Retd) Prabir Goswami There is an English word Eclectic. (Do check the word out). This track is that. The normal lament is that the Hindi Music Director must have plagiarized. “Dil Tadap Tadap – – – – ” was composed in 1959 by Salll Chaudhary. Lara’s theme was composed by Jarre in 1965. For ...[Read More]


Don’t miss listening to this. Please click to play below …………… SOUL MUSIC SUNG FROM THE HEART !!

“Ambwa talay”

“Ambwa talay” For your listening pleasure

The Weeping Camel

The Weeping Camel Utterly amazing documentation of Music Therapy used successfully with a camel The plot of the movie is about a family of nomadic shepherds in the Gobi Desert trying to save the life of a rare white camel calf after it was rejected by its mother. The Story of the Weeping Camel These scenes were taken from a documentary movie: After a difficult labor and delivery, a brown camel gav ...[Read More]

Hindi Music

Music is something without which life is dull. In Indian culture, we have music for all weathers and occassions. There is a vast reservoir of songs that we have. We have enlisted selective few links for the viewers to enjoy. Please enjoy. Should you feel we have missed out on some of the good songs, please share with us using the Contact form. Hindi Desi Bollywood Evergreen Hits – – L ...[Read More]

Celebrating SD Burman’s Music – REAL MUSIC !!

Those over 60 will really enjoy these numbers ….. Celebrating SD Burman’s Music REAL MUSIC !! Sachin Dev Burman was born on October 1, 1906, a scion of the royal family of Tripura—and a king in the world of Hindi film music. From his first major hit— Mera sundar sapna beet gaya (Do Bhai, 1947)—on, Burman made a name for himself with songs that ran the gamut from folk to Western, from ...[Read More]

From Abba to Zeppelin – you will find hours of their music here!

From Abba to Zeppelin – you will find hours of their music here!   Click Here to Watch ABBA – USA 1980 Click Here to Watch Adele – London, England 2011 Click Here to Watch Aerosmith – Tokyo, Japan 2002 Click Here to Watch a-ha – Oslo, Norway 2001 Click Here to Watch Alicia Keys – New York, NY 2005 Click Here to Watch Amy Winehouse – Glastonbury, Engl ...[Read More]