Authorisation of Military Canteen – CSD Facilities

AUTHORISATION OF MILITARY CANTEEN – CSD FACILITIES Indian military personnel are authorised military canteen – CSD facilities during or post release/retirement from services. At places a number of Defence personnel had been facing denial of these services due to ignorance of the Government Orders on part of the Canteen Staff or the eligible Defence personnel. We are publishing the rele ...[Read More]

Purchase of Car through CSD

                Revised Procedure for Purchase of Car through CSD The purchase of cars by serving and retired armed forces personnel from the Canteen Services Department has now become easy. The entitled personnel were earlier required to obtain prior Special Sanction from the Army Headquarters, however with effect from 20 Jul 2015 CSD depots have been autho ...[Read More]

Guidelines for Purchase of Four Wheeler and Two Wheeler from CSD Canteen by Defence Personnel

GUIDELINES FOR PURCHASE OF FOUR / TWO WHEELER & OTHER AFD-I ITEMS CSD Canteen has issued following Guidelines for purchase of Four Wheeler and Two Wheeler from CSD Canteen by Defence Personnel. Please view and abide by them to ease the process of purchase. Entitlement for Four Wheeler: S.No. Cat Cubic Capacity Frequency (a) Officers (Incl Retd) Upto 3000 cc Once in Four Years (b) JCOs grantedH ...[Read More]

Purchase of Car/ Four Wheeler through CSD

Purchase of Car/ Four Wheeler through CSD All Indian Military personnel including Indian Military Veterans (Ex-servicemen) irrespective of rank are entitled to purchase their car or four wheeler through CSD as per the conditions set in the Govt Letter No. 95286/SG/Q/DDGCS dated 29 Apr 2015. The rank wise authorization is given below.                 &n ...[Read More]


Introduction. Canteen Smart Cards and Canteen inventory Management System were introduced in URCs in 2004. The Smart Cards were revised with additional security feature in October 2010, such as storage of photo in chip and increased chip memory from 16 kb and recently to 64 kb. Requirement was felt to phase needs, operational efficiency and the life of old span of old Canteen Smart Cards. This S ...[Read More]