Scholarships to Wards of Serving/Ex-Servicemen Studying in Sainik Schools

The State Govts award scholarships on merit cum mean basis. Ministry of Defence also awards scholarships to wards of defence personnel including ex-servicemen. In addition Ministry of Defence provides central assistance to those students who are awarded State scholarships. The sharing of expenditure on fees/scholarships amongst Central Govt, State Govt and parents is decided by the BOG from time to time.


  • Cadets studying in Sainik Schools are eligible for State Government scholarships based on parents income. Central Government also provides scholarship share at varying rates to those receiving State Government scholarships.
  • Children of serving defence personnel and ex-servicemen admitted on defence quota are granted scholarships by the Ministry of Defence.
  • Under a new scheme all boys studying in Sainik Schools receive about Rs.10,000/- per year as a subsidy from the MoD.
  • In some schools where amounts of scholarship are liberal, boys are studying by paying a very nominal amount. Cases have been taken up with the State Govts to increase the quantum of scholarship and the income slabs wherever they are less.

To enable children of Defence Services personnel and children from weaker sections of Society to study in Sainik Schools and avail of public school education facilities, the Ministry of Defence awards scholarships and financial assistance as under:

a) Scholarship to wards of Defence personnel.

b) Centre share to those cadets who are in receipt of State Govt scholarships.

c) Financial incentive to boys joining NDA and Central Assistance to all boys studying in Sainik Schools.

Scholarship to wards of Defence personnel – Ministry of Defence awards a limited number of scholarships on merit-cum-means basis to the children of Defence personnel (including ex-servicemen) selected for admission to Sainik Schools. In case of serving personnel of Defence Services, amount of scholarship would be determined on the basis of rank and not the emoluments or the annual income of the personnel. The scholarship to children of service personnel will be admissible as under:-a) Children of NCOs and ORs -Full scholarship i.e. Rs.10,500/-b) Children of JCOs -Half Scholarship i.e. Rs.5,250/-c) Children of Commissioned -No scholarship OfficersChildren of ex-servicemen are eligible for MOD scholarship based on the following criteria:-

a) Ex-servicemen with monthly income upto Rs.5,000/- -Rs.10,500/-

b) Ex-servicemen with monthly income between –Rs.5,250/- Rs.5,001/- and Rs.8,000/-.

c) Ex-servicemen with monthly income above Rs.8,000/- NIL

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