Issue of Dependent Identity Cards


  1. All AF personnel while going out of service on retirement/ release/ discharge are issued with separate dependant identity cards to each of the dependent of AF personnel as indicated in their records. This dependant identity card will be issued by the last unit of the AF personnel.
  2. The dependant identity card issued in respect of the spouse of AF personnel will have a joint photograph of husband and wife. As such joint photographs are required for pension documents, therefore AF personnel will have no difficulty in furnishing copies of joint photographs for issue of ibid identity card. The identity card issued necessitate change only on change ofstatus.
  3. The dependant identity cards issued to other dependents of AF personnel will have stampsizephotographs of the dependents and would require revalidation once in two yrs.
  4. The dependant identity cards would be revalidated by the nearest AF Stn/Unit where the ex-AF personnel/his family resides.
  5. Similarly, the widows of AF personnel could be issued identity cards as per the following procedure :-

(a) To the widows whose husband’s death occurs while in service, the identity card along with the dependant identity cards for other dependents of the deceased AF personnel will be issued by the last unit of the ex-AF personnel.

(b) To the widows whose husband’s death occurs after going out of service, the identity card could be issued by the nearest AF Stn/Unit where the lady resides.

The AF Stn/Unit will withdraw the card earlier issued to the lady by the last unit and issue fresh identity card.

  1. The dependent identity card issued to the children of AF personnel shall be for the purpose of identification and would not over rule the definition or dependency laid down for any particular facility. The identity card will be withdrawn as and when the child ceases to be dependent on the AF personnel/widow.
  2. Ex-Servicemen who had already retired/released/discharged from Air Force prior to the issue of these orders may also be issued with dependent identity cards by the nearest AF Stn/unit after verification of the dependency status from any valid supporting documents. Similarly widows whose husbands had died before the issue of these orders may also be issued dependent identity cards after verification of dependency status from any valid supporting documents.( Sub Paragraph (g) added vide this HQ letterAirHQ/23481/290/2/PS(Wel)dated o4 Nov 96).
  3. Specimen identity card is enclosed. The cards may be printed under Stn/Unit arrangement. A nominal fee of Rs. 2/- per card may be charged for the issue of the identity card. The photographs of the dependent would be provided by the AF personnel/widow.

(Auth; Air HQ/23481/290/2/PS(Wel) dated 07 Oct 96


Specimen Dependant Identity Card

Instruction Name of the Unit1. This document relates only to the identity of the person described.

2. The individual concerned will DEPENDENT

be responsible for preventing the loss IDENTITY CARD

and for misuse of the document.


3. Change in status would be

Immediately intimated to the issuing



4. Loss to be reported to the issuing

Authority immediately.

Finder please post to :-


Certified that Ser No Unit/



Identification Mark ____________________ Joint Photograph in r/o

________________________ spouse/stamp sized photo

is the __________________ of dependent with sig and

(relationship) stamp of issuing authority

of Ser No______________Rank_______

Unit Seal

Name____________________________ Sig of Issuing

Resident of _______________________ Officer

and is dependent on him/his widow Date of Issue______________

Valid upto_______________

Revalid upto_____________



Sig of Card Holder______________ (Sig & Seal of Issuing Authority)



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